Become a Healer for Yourself & Others: Core Principles for Spiritual Transformation – London, England. June 15, 2014

Every person is a healer, but few people know how to heal.  Awaken your healing abilities in the most direct and powerful way — by connecting to your Soul and Source.

Do you want to become a healer?  This workshop will connect you to your Higher Self and the direct flow of Source Energy – where all true, lasting healing happens  Are you already a healer?  This workshop will take your healing abilities to the next level.

Receive energy activations. Have your all of your chakras opened and filled with Divine Love and spiritual power. Learn how true healing happens.  Understand the core science of mind, emotions, energy and body. Get connected to your Higher Self. Open your higher mind to get guidance for yourself and others. Get connected to Source Consciousness. Plug into the flow of creative power and healing energy. Learn where this energy flow begins and awaken this secret doorway!

Every person can be a healer for himself / herself, other people and our beautiful planet.  Gain access to one of the most powerful abilities you have.  Awaken to your greater potential and bring mastery into  your spiritual path.  This is a workshop not to be missed.

Date & Time

Sunday June 15, 2014
10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Aspire Wellbeing
West Dulwich, London, England

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