Awaken Inner Peace in a World of Change: Mind & Emotion Mastery – Workshop – London, July 7, 2013

Enjoy a 4 hour Higher Self channeled workshop at Yoga Barn near London, United Kingdom.

The world is changing very quickly. Often we feel pulled out of balance as our lives change. In this workshop you will learn how to stay centered and at peace during challenging times — both personal and global.

Using a combination of knowledge and methods from many ancient schools and the Higher Self teachings , you will be learn how to successfully control your mind and experience unshakable inner peace. Instruction will include lessons on the emotional energy system and the locations of your behavioral patterns. Underlying the emotional patterns are belief patterns that create your responses to life. You will learn how to remove belief patterns that do not serve you and replace them with ones that do.

In addition to receiving practices to clean and clear your emotional system, techniques will be given to help you control your mind, especially during times of anxiety and fear. There is a direct link between the emotional energy centers and the mind and thoughts. To achieve the greatest inner peace, mastery of both the mind and emotions is essential. This workshop will help you achieve this mastery with ease.

The struggle of self-control, self-healing and spiritual growth is easily removed when we work from a place of higher consciousness and use practices that operate in harmony with Universal laws.

Awaken Inner Peace in a World of Change: Mind and Emotion Mastery at All Times

Date: Sunday July 7, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm (13:00) to 5:00 pm (17:00)
Location: Yoga Barn, Leafy Grove, Bromley, Kent BR2 6AH
Price: £49 at the door or £39 prepay with online registration.

Please register for this event at Directions and event instructions will be emailed after registering.

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  1. Jessica says:

    This sounds like an amazing workshop! Would you consider doing a video similar to the information you will be giving? Hope everyone enjoys it in London!

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