August 31, 2013 in Amsterdam: Secrets of Your Breath – Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of Your Body

The final stop on the 2013 Channel Higher Self European Tour is Amsterdam, Netherlands. Your breath has always been the most effective tool for you. Your breath controls your mind, emotions, energy system and physical body. Nearly every ancient spiritual system taught breath awareness and breath control. We see different breathing practices recommended in medicine, fitness and spirituality. But what is often missing is the knowledge that the ancient masters had. This workshop will teach you this powerful knowledge.

This is a very unique and rare look at the simple act of breathing – and the great depth that our breath has.

  • Learn how your breath changes in response to your mind and emotions.
  • Learn how to adjust your natural breathing to improve your mental performance, emotional peace and physical energy levels.
  • Learn how the breath regulates your acupuncture energy channels, nadis, and chakras.
  • Learn how to breath qi and prana (life force energy) in addition to oxygen.
  • Learn how to reach higher states of consciousness, awaken your kundalini and achieve out of body experience by controlling your breath.
  • Learn the ancient yoga science of the breath – and how our breath changes with the times of day and the stages of our lives.
  • Learn how to breath one way for increased energy and a different way for increased peace.

There is so much amazing knowledge about our breath that most people fail to learn and appreciate. In this workshop you’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation of your breath, in addition to many breathing practices to improve your human experience.

Skype Participation Available

Participate online using a live Skype video chat room, please register. The cost and event times are the same. Skype participants will have the same opportunities to participate and ask questions as the in-person attendees. When registering for this event’s Skype participation, please tell me that you will be using Skype.

Secrets of Your Breath: Unlocking the Ancient Wisdom of Your Body

Date: Saturday August 31, 2013
Time: 1:30 pm (13:30) to 5:00 pm (17:00)
Location: Vondelzaal room at Centrum de Roos, P.C. Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam
Price: €50

Please register for this event at . You may pay at the event. Pre-pay is not necessary.

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