=== Channel Higher Self sites ===


Channel Higher Self – portal and blog website

Channelling Higher Self – personal channeling services

Heavenly Sedona – healing therapies office in Sedona, Arizona, USA

99 Days 99 Channels – 99 days of consecutive channels

Satsang with the Self – coming soon, January 2009

YouTube Channel

MySpace page


=== Affiliates & Sponsors ===


Lincoln Gergar web designer & photographer

Wimpy Player – recommended audio and video player


=== Friends & Subscribers ===


AstroPhoenix – astrology journal, Germany

OmShi’ Therapy for Body and Soul – Acupuncture & Herbs, Energy Healing, Shaman, Assemblage Point, Whole Self Alignment

Sunlightenment – Sungazing and Surya Sun Yoga Blog

Loving Life Meditation – guided meditation that unites Love with Life Force energy

John Devitt – Irish born flautist presently living and working in the Netherlands

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