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Feedback From Others

Thank you for everything. The channel today was so appreciated, and the diet counseling after it is beneficial too. I certainly got more than I expected. I will put the meditative practice into immediate use, and also noticing more what is happening when fear comes up in me. It is so nice to know the peace lies within and only has to be recognized and allowed, along with all the other changing aspects of life. Your love is immense and felt in that way. I will let you know how I desire to proceed after I have a chance to incorporate your recommendations, and I find your openness in that regard to be overwhelming.
Kent J, Minnesota USA

After i discovered youre videos i went instand deeper. You are the final touch i believe! i know its my path and it goes automatich, but you speak to my heart! i think i went 2 times in a higher dimention now, where energie is free and never ending, almost no thoughts, and connected with all 😉 i wanna be there more!! :p
Juul B, Antwerp, Belgium

2 weeks ago from today, i had a miracle of experience. it actually came from your satsang session of that day. i felt very powerful energy rushing through my body, especially my hands, like tingling, and it surprised me that i could hardly spread my fingers, and at times i felt something pulling the top of my head, there was one moment that i felt my body almost paralized.. i had to "walk off" the energy. for the first time i felt myself a walking miracle, in that state i couldn't remember my ego, it felt so distant. it was amazing,. later on that evening i felt so free.
Joiyan, Costa Rica

I meant to tell you, that since I last spoke with you during my session with you, I have felt so much more... balanced. You say you speak with us not only with words but also with energy from the Higher Self, and ever since I spoke with you I feel lighter and happier. I know I will follow up with the advice given by you and so I can maintain and expand this feeling of joy and peace. Thanks for the great session Lincoln!
Angelo H., Washington, USA

dear,lincoln.. i have sat in a spiritual awakening class for almost 2yrs now and id like to say a huge thankyou..when i need inspiring whilst being guided into channelling you were a great help and i able to easily channel.. i has recently been fully awakened to spirit and higher life..thankyou... i continue to listen and learn from you .love light and peace.xxx. nikki.x
nikki, united kingdom

Hey Lincoln. This was an amazing experience. Everything that seemed unclear to me I can now see more clearly. Thank you Lincoln, I will listen to this recording several times. I will make the changes in my life that my heart desires. Thank you again Lincoln and thank you Higher self. You truly are a blessing.
Aljaž U., Slovenia

A heartfelt thanks for your e-mails and the guidance in our session yesterday. I\'ve made it my number 1 practice to cultivate the spiritual heart within - feeling the love for myself and for all in each moment. I\'m already starting to feel the benefits.
Conor S., Ireland

I already viewed your video a few hours before you answered my message! And it's perfect!! seriously it saved me. It felt like I lit a bonfire in my heart, and I had the most amazing day today because of it! I just feel warm and centered and I can't help but smile all the time! My entire experience of life changed! I'm realizing that everything is my heart reflecting love back at me. I even had complete strangers suddenly start a conversation with me! The confusion is just melting away. I can't express how happy I am right now. Now all i want to do is never let go of this feeling and treasure it forever. Thank you soooooooooooo much! And keep doing what you are doing! Your latest video is the best and most touching of the whole bunch!
Richard, Netherlands

* * * Appreciation for your work in the world * * * Hi Lincoln, I just wanted to say that I'm so inspired by your work, and I'm so glad that you were brought into my life. It's Sunday today and I was watching your videos pretty much all day, I just couldn't stop... The teachings, the way you're presenting them, the purity of your Being, the wisdom and deepness coming through your eyes....all together gave me a wonderful and indescribable experience. Thanks for reminding us who we really are and lighting the Path through your own example. Many Blessings and much Love!
Brigi, Hungary

Hello Lincon, I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. Your channelling messages are wondeful to listen to and I know they are helping me with my spiritual journey.
Dee, United Kingdom

Thank you for sharing enlightenment, I love you.
Tristan, Kutaisi, Republic Of Georgia

Hi Lincoln, even though I haven't had a person to person session with you, I have been listening to your videos for years and you have helped me a huge time, I have been through an spiritual awakening for almost 5 years now and I have been listening a lot of channelers and you are one of the most clearest ones I have listened ..as the girl in the vid I have been through dark nights of the soul I even thought I was getting crazy but you have helped me to heal myself , Thanks love and blessings
TwinSusy16, YouTube

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lincoln and the Higher Self for the session we had a few days ago. I'm going trough a very difficult time in my life, experiencing fear, loss, frustration, sadness, uncertainty and guilt. A couple of months ago, I ask the Universe or God to help me find Love, not the romantic love but the love that brings healing to all. A few days later I experienced a worm energy coming exactly from my heart (this is the feeling that the Higher Self talks about in the videos). It was sooo beautiful! I knew it was the answer to my prayer of love. In those moments I ask for this wonderful feeling to remain in my life, not just as a one time experience but as a permanent one. That wonderful feeling went away but about a week later I found Lincoln on the Internet. No one told me about him. In fact I was looking for something else, but instead I found one of his videos. I knew it was no coincidence. I have being a spiritual seeker and read all I could about spirituality but never heard or inexperienced before the concept of the Love within and how it really feels. When I watched Lincoln's video I KNEW, I knew my search was over. I now know that the search outside of me was over. Instead the realization of my real Self had begun by looking withing. Because of this difficult time in my live, I decided to ask for a session with Lincoln and get some guidance. I just want to say that beyond the words and beyond the answers, I encountered Love. Love through the Higher Self and Love through Lincoln. I experienced the authentic care and compassion that only unconditional love can give. Thank you Lincoln for the beautiful being that you are. Thank you for the light and the love that you have come to share.
Becky, USA

I think Lincoln is a shining light for the world. I know what Becky was talking about. He came and communicated the right message when I was ready to hear it. The experiences from the videos have helped me grow and I am very grateful to Lincoln and the higher self. Even Lincoln's goodbye at the end of the videos are so loving! Thank you Lincoln and Higher Self.
Amit, Australia

There is no way to disagree with the fundamental basis of this wisdom. It is simultaneously the most esoteric and practical. That moment of silent meditation was strangely compelling to watch. I felt a pure and pleasant heat radiating from your image.
Mark, Baltimore, Maryland USA

Words cannot fully express the deep gratitude I feel for the outpouring of love from our session, that has touched my heart with joy and peace. A transformation has taken place, I feel in calm trust of the process that is unfolding and able to flow in this and love love love it! It was known when I heard your voice, for the first time, that you are an extraordinary being of Gods light and love, now it's confirmed! In our session as- the Higher Self channeled through you Lincoln, specific invaluable Information was given directly, with each word holding precious importance. The wisdom shared has had direct impact on my physical body, energy, thoughts, emotions and heart which continues to be received within and all around me. The recording allows me to reinforce what was given as I put into practice the specific knowledge that was imparted. I bow to you Dear One and breathe with you in deep celebration of the creation of all life!
Heather Davis, Baltimore, Maryland USA

Thank you Lincoln for helping me re-awaken to my higher self and true purpose. You are a great help. Much love
D. Chamble, United States

Thank you so much Lincoln. The session with you was truly a wonderful and powerful experience. I'm so grateful for everything you are doing. Your teachings are a priceless gift to all the humanity and the universe. I'm very grateful that in my life's path I came across you and your teachings.
Aleksander L., Slovenia

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting this project. Unlike too many spiritual video series, you have created one that is extremely powerful and extremely easy to navigate, both the website and the spiritual landscape, if I may call it that. Thank you.
Kasper Kwan, Hong Kong

Hi Lincoln, you truely have a genuine connection with the spiritual realm. When I am struggling with life, your videos have really set my mind at ease as I sometimes neglect and forget my spiritual self. Peace.
Jimmy, USA

The MP3's were crystal clear! Thank you for your help, I am at peace and finally know myself As The Love! Thank you for helping to bring forth that uplifting and loving message!! Blessing and Love to you always, Michelle!
Michelle, USA

I am gradually realizing profoundness of the knowledge you have channeled. What a wonderful spiritual state you are in. You have a superb way for getting the answers. My mind is boggled even though I know what you do is possible. Your site is also an example to me. I still have some doubts because of the remnants of my ego, but I really feel like supporting you and reaching a similar spiritual state like you. Go on with full vigor, humanity needs you.
Erdal Bora, Turkey

Hello, it’s been a while since my last session and I would like to send much thanks and love once again to Lincoln for creating such a beautiful individual self which allows for other individuals to break their bondages of individuality and most probably a lot more, but I can only discuss my current perception of him! Since, I have made multiple personal changes which have allowed for me to reconnect to my infinite higher self. This did not happen quickly, but slowly my knowledge of time became irrelevant in my perception of truth with the further questioning of my own reality. That is so, since with the help of perception which has allowed for me to connect to my higher self has helped me to expand a vast internal reality. Reality is infinite and free to experience in any angle which creates different perceptions. I am infinitely greatful to be experiencing in the present moment of this reality which is also infinite. Infinity allows for anything to be constantly expanding within with belief. I thank the higher collective consciousness of all that is for allowing all of this reality to permeate its aspects through my reality, as creators ourselves. Wether one reality is a categorical outpost of the collective reality of all that is, I remain greatful to have and have had access to such a reality. Since in my perception, it has allowed for a gradual reconnection to the infinite nature of all that is, which I believe is God. When considering the present moment of this process, it is more than enough to grasp the universal consciousness since we are creators and “architects of our own reality” ( as stated in my higher self session with Lincoln ) which allows for us to perceive our reality free of any bondages. Thank you Lincoln, sincerly from one reality to another, with of course the great intention of love at its root, which allows for a greater grasp of unity, many blessings. –Christopher
Christopher, Canada

Hi Lincoln! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your great videos and channeling sessions. The work you are doing is so immeasurably valuable - how could anyone put a prize on it? I am deeply grateful for the Divine love and wisdom that flows through every of your sessions and reaches all of us who found you. You are such a blessing to the world. As giving is the most important task in our lives, I will try to spread your messages all around me with all my heart. I love to recieve the grace of your shared insights as they deeply resonate with my own experience and view of life. I feel that we are one family. One family that reunites through a new planetary consciousness of oneness. Together, we can establish a new era of Universal Peace on Earth. ~ Love, Gratitude & Compassion ~ Mirko
Mirko, Berlin, Germany

I appreciate the information that you have given me. It is so in depth! I will take your advice on all accounts and have started to focus my energy positively as much as possible through meditation. I have started watching your higher self personal transformation series as well and am excited to start the journey. I thank you for all that you do for humanity Lincoln!
Sam B., New Orleans, Lousiana USA

Thank you so much for the session today and the mp3 file as well. The session left me totally speechless since there is so much to process but I want you to know that I appreciate very much your time for helping others. I'm sure this all is helping me towards enjoyable and happy life. The air that I breath already feels fresher 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to contact you later at some point for another session.
Inga, Helsinki, Finland

Just wanted to let you know that I now understand the enormity and importance of the work yo are doing. As I have awakened more and more everyday, I have come to realized how much "we" have closed ourselves to who we really are. People respond with fear when I attempt to speak of some of the concepts I have been privileged to understand. I can now imagined how difficult it must have been for you to step out of the "spiritual closet" per say. I'm still working on that everyday. However, I wanted to thank you for the work you do. I would probably do another session soon I will let you know. I am working on building a stronger connection with my higher self and I know I am able now to listen to my inner voice much more than before. We are all one and this is a concept with is hard for people to understand as we have come to perceive ourselves (oneness) as separated.. I hope you are doing well brother. May God bless you everyday more. From one aspect of consciousness to another, take care!
Carlo R.

Hi Lincoln. I felt like saying thank you for your work. I am really thankful to have found you, because you are the literally only source where i feel that i can trust because correct information is given. As i browse the internet, i find so many people saying so many different things about spirituality and i am just so comforted by the fact that I can learn from someone who actually speaks truth. Thank you.
Joey H., USA

I just wanted to say Thank You for all the work you've done. I have been following you from youtube like 5 years now and many of your videos are a source I return now and then and they are very beneficial. Know that brothers are getting help in Greece and Finland through your work and you motivate us. Be Well.
Paahto P., Helsinki, Finland

The service you provide is something which I could not ever fathom, let alone be hopeful of receiving. You are truly a rare and precious soul. You are the closest example of God in human form to me. God bless and thank you from the depth of my heart.
Khatera S., California, USA

Dear Lincoln, Yesterdays session was truly a gift. I benefited very deeply on an energetic level. It seems that whenever I am done speaking with you I feel this indescribable force of energy, love and happiness come over me - like that it is okay to be alive and that it is okay to create anything I wish. You don't understand how grateful I am for this. I deeply honor your hard work and sincere desire to help humanity evolve and will never stop thanking you. You are a true yogi and highly realized man of God.
Michael F, New York City, NY

It is for me to express deep, deep gratitude to you, dear Lincoln, for so emptying yourself to be so pure a channel of most blissful, divine Love ..... and allowing me to share so sacred a moment with you .... words seem like empty shells tumbled about on the sand of an expansive, boundless, vast ocean ... powerless in waves and ripples of life-invigorating sublime energy ...... Silence alone understands.
Carol T, South Africa

I feel blessed to meet you via Internet, and create such a powerful link with the Higher Self. I would never imagine that to be possible before. I've been in contact with others sources of great Love and Wisdom before, and you are such a presence via your videos, and there are so many videos to see. I have no more fear about the powerful energies going on in my body and understand well that the Higher Self knows exactly how to create balance. I have a lot of progress to do, a lot of meditation to practice, and a lot of videos to watch. It's a new opportunity for me to progress that I can't miss. Thank you for your time, energy, wisdom and love. Much Love and Namaste.
Lucile, YouTube

The most amazing experience to me is for information to be revealed, this video really touched my heart in such an explosive way! Just this morning during my meditation I spoke with source/God and asked for guidance and clarity on making decisions in my life. Than immediately after my heart was guided to visit this site where I viewed this video that answered it all! I am so thankful for your videos Lincoln they have taught me so much! I have been following your teachings since 2010 and they have helped me in a tremendous way!!! I am so thankful for you. NAMASTE
Elonda, USA

It was so amazing to listen to you, it was like my heart could finally speak. What I can never bring into focus you showed me, thank-you
G, Canada

Thank you very much for your guidance and teachings. Just two days into listening to your teachings and meditating with your videos, I am already becoming more aware of my spirituality and true self that was there all along. It is as if you are speaking directly to me in your videos. Every word resonates with the deepest part of my spirituality. Your words flow directly to my spiritual center and I feel more myself every video I watch. Your teachings and guidance are a blessing and I am thankful to have access to them. You are changing lives for the better and I will continue on this spiritual journey in which you have sparked inside me. Much Love.
Matthew K., USA

Basically, whole my life I have never loved myself. I was always punishing and putting down myself. I ordered "Awaken your spiritual heart CD" First time i was listening to meditations, I was thrown into a ball of compassion and love. I finished with meditations, but my attention stayed in the heart. After 3 hours, I started crying. I felt so so much love and compassion for my self that i never felt before in my life! I was in front of mirror and I looked my self with pure love and compassion. Then the sea was running through my eyes. I looked at my hands, fingers, legs and for the first time I honored my body. When I had that much compassion and love for my self I started to look on other people. Not speaking to them, just looking. I also had that much love for them as for my self. I understand that we are all the same! I'am now so grateful to have this human experience! =) I really cant thank you enough Lincoln !
Dusan, Kraljevo, Serbia

Hi there lincoln, thank-you so much for sending the c.d!! Most kind of you. I am loving everything we have covered thus far and the you-tube videos and I notice the remarkable difference in my daily existence. Awesome. I am going to sit down with my girlfriend and we will both do the guided meditation. I hope this message finds you in the very best of joy and content and have a wonderful easter holiday. Many blessings and love, Nick.
Nick, United Kingdom

Dear Lincoln I am so grateful to you for what you offer, with such sweetness and humility. Our last session was so useful and helped me so much make sense of my daughter's journey. You were so generous with your time and I find the mix of the other-wordly mystery and the practical that your channel offers is so useful.
Rose, UK

Everytime I watch one of your videos I feel blessed. Literally, I start to shiver, because of the waves of energy and the opening of my chakras, especcially the heart, third eye, and crown. It's amazing how just tuning into higher self through your messages can help me and others experience divine love in such a real and powerful way. Thank you, these videos really do fulfill their purpose. I always feel in touch with my true nature after listening.
A.M., United States

Hi Lincoln, Just wanted to say that your videos have changed our lives. My mom, my son and I listen to you everyday and cannot live without them. We cant help but comment on the things that we are learning or something you said. So all day you can catch us saying, "Lincoln says this, Lincoln says that." Maybe someday we will meet you at a seminar. Namaste."
Geraldine Richardson, Nicaragua

Lincoln, I'm so glad I found you here . . . I've been on a spiritual transformation path for about 10 years now and recently began attempting to seek inner guidance for all my needs and found your messages to be almost identical to the messages I've been receiving. I'm excited because I wasn't 100% certain all the messages were from my higher self now after viewing your videos I know I'm able to disern my higher guidance's message from my own thoughts so thank you!
alohagirl, hawaii, usa

Thank you so very much for your valuable time sharing with me and giving me lots of insights and hopes. I was very happy to talk to you today. I'm just listening to the session already in the basement and I myself am very surprised how my voice is different from our past sessions last year. You're absolutely right about everything you've said today. Deep down in my heart I may have been waiting for freedom which I finally do have now and I used to be always in the state of constant restlessness and uneasiness. I have been feeling so free like a bird and enjoying my creative power every day. Your session is always spot on and so accurate I'm still in awe mode... I just downloaded into my iPhone so this is going to be my next daily tune to listen to while I'm at the gym working out. Lincoln, you probably have no idea how much you have been helping me. I already mentioned it but your session last November saved me from possibly going through depression and denial of my life. Your advices during the session saved me from all of the possible heartaches. I didn't have to go through depression or despair because of your heavenly support. You truly are my best teacher of this life time. I am so blessed to have known you. Thank God and thank you so very much.
K. Angel, Atlanta, GA USA

Thank you again for another wonderful personal session.
ABC, Canada

Dearest Lincoln,since we spoke I have been doing the meditations that you had recommended.I also cut mammals out of my diet and eat mostly organic fruits and vegetables.It has helped considerably.I'm noticing a difference in not only my anger but in manifestation as well..I feel amazing..calm and focused.The light feels amazing running through my body from my heart.I can acually feel it.Its unreal:)You have helped me conclude a decade long journey.Im so graetful for your energy on this planet and I love your soul as I realize we are all one.Please keep doing what you do..I am grateful that our paths crossed this time around and thank you from the bottom of my heart.Love and Blessings.....Thomas
Thomas Wilson

Thank you Lincoln for all your videos and for offering them freely. I´ve been watching your videos for several years now, and they've really helped me focusing my attention within myself, as I was confused focusing my attention outside of myself when I listened to other spiritual teachings. Your videos have helped me to understand that I am enough just because I exist, and that we, the people and all the living beings are the most important thing. Thank you so much. Blessings and much love, Jon.
Jon I., Spain

I just wanted to send out this email to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. I honestly don't know who I would turn to for guidance and support if I didn't have you in my life. You're a blessing to me and to my family, and I'm sure many others on this planet. It is rare to find a teacher like you in this day and age. I found your first video on Youtube when I was looking up "stages of meditation" last year and when I watched it I knew immediately that you could help me. I heard truth in your words and felt your sincerity and honestly. So, on thanksgiving I would just like to thank you for the numerous times you've helped me get though all the hard time. I've often heard people say that the spiritual path isn't easy but I never feared this because I knew somehow that God would provide me with help when I needed it and he has :). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Vaishali K., British Columbia, Canada

The sharing seems not to have stopped, dear Lincoln … there is an ever present Stillness, a quiet awareness of Oneness, that is just pure Love… the body, too, speaks more clearly of deeper purification, and accepts this with joy….what astounding Grace! Light within, Light without … and in the practice at sleeptime, it is happening as so beautifully explained … Gratitude just flows.
Carol , South Africa

Your Channelings are overturning my ideas and beliefs. It is amazingly liberating bringing so much clarity and love. My warmest desire of course is to pass it to my close ones at least.
Georgia F, Germany

I finally felt it again! I felt BLISS! I am so happy right now that there are tears in my eyes.
Sonya, United States

Thanks to you and the guidance I have received from other sources I have finally awaken to my true self (Higher Self). I know I have much to discover still. But I feel like I was born again. God blessed me so profoundly that for me, service to others is only way to pass on that love unto others. Your work was instrumental in my journey which I now know is only beginning. I would love to meet you in person one day if that is acceptable to you. My consciousness has increased greatly and I feel that only with another person who has awaken to some degree I would be able to have a deeper conversation. I thank you brother.
Wilton Romero

I had a Channeling Self session a little over a week ago. I found it to be incredibly direct and in many ways surprising. My question was answered incredibly directly and much more was revealed. The best thing about a session is that unlike most books, these session don't let the mind grab hold of concepts and use them to their advantage. It allowed a lot to come up and didn't let my mind to hide. A lot of old conditioning was revealed. These sessions are a great guide into your self.
Ryan, Illinois, USA

I wanted to thank you for the session you offered to me on November 1st of this year. I wasn't able to pay for it then, but now I can. Thank you for the love and the light that you have chosen to share. It has been the guide and strength I need in my expression now. Without it I know I would be very confused. Your light has brought a way to come closer to the Truth I so very much seek. Much gratitude to you, the guide that takes me to my heart.
Rebecca S., California, USA

Hey my friend, A couple of years ago I was looking on the internet for the TRUTH. What am I really?, what is my purpose?, how can I be happy? I was so confused and have suffered 3 depressions and 2 suicide attempts.... I am so blessed I found your videos. I heard you speak, and I knew directly, you are speaking the truth. You are an example of the love I searched. You are so generous, hundreds of free videos, with so much wisdom and truth and love. You are my mentor lincon Gregar for five years now. I just want to thank you. Just like Mooji, Burt Harding and Scott Kiloby, each of you gave me strength and motivation and love. Thank you my friend for the higher self teachings. I have bought all your CD's. I am so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you, namaste. From Ruben, 21 years old, Belgium
Ruben, Belgium

I should be thanking YOU! I stumbled upon your channel right after my best friend crossed over last August. It was during this time that I really started to question life, and I really just wanted to finally see/know the truth, despite what I have been taught/believed. It was definitely not by accident that I came across your videos. You are one of the first to provide me with guidance. It's amazing we've never met (or maybe we have) yet you have made such an impact on my life. I have many questions, so get ready:) Funny story: While taking a roadtrip through the Southwest, my friend and I felt compelled to take a picture next to this bluish building. It was Heavenly Sedona:) Take care, Lincoln.
Jenny, USA

My awakening experience has been a miraculous blessing on all levels. However, I realized that I did not do it alone. Many people helped me along the way. You were one of those beautiful souls who gave me the courage, understanding, hope, and Divine love which I needed so much. During my perceived difficult times. I cannot say enough about your caring nature and the beautiful words of inspiration infused with the knowledge you provide for free to humanity. I do not forget those beautiful higher beings who never left my side even when I though I was alone. And of course our lord, our father God all mighty! May the spirit of love and giving always bless you. I very heartfelt thank you my brother.
Wilton Romero

Thanks for all your time and relentless work that you put into your videos, workshops and CDs. Your videos go straight to the heart of the matter and that is how to connect to our Higher Selves. The information you provide is timeless and priceless and has helped me so much in my spiritual journey. I always look forward to your videos, it seems as though the energy you share gets stronger with each one. Thanks again Lincoln, Blessings and love to you and Namaste, Angelo
Angelo, Costa Rica

Oh this videos were AWESOME! Soo great to be able to feel the slight difference in vibration of the energy bodies. The 99 series have really helped me to be able to quiet my mind for longer and longer periods of time. I'm learning to surrender, and let go of attempting controlling everything! I really enjoyed remembering how to connect with my spiritual heart, and to think the love has always been so close. Thank you from my heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The latest youtube video reaffirms everything I know to be true. Thank you for leaving aliens out of your teachings and for teaching about God's love! You are the only spiritual teacher that has ever completely rang true with me. I love you beyond words! Please don't ever stop trying to get your message out to people. If everyone would listen to you, the world would be "Heaven on Earth".
Doris Anderson

Hello blessed one, I love what you do here. Your expression of these deep truths is profound and beautiful, and you show many people the vastness of the inner world. On behalf of all lightworkers, allow me to thank you for helping us spread light, love, and divine consciousness throughout this realm. Your energy is wonderful my brother, keep up the divine work. Namaste and In Lak'Ech my friend

Your love vibrates the softest touch upon my heart. It speaks of the union between all lifes connections. The tangled web that once deceived us most is falling away to reveal our true nature. We are all powerful co-creators. And we must use our abilities to focus intentional love to all beings. May i send that love to all of you. Thank you for this Lincoln.
Adam, Canada

thank you, my friend. i enjoy your videos... i feel myself changing everyday...
Darryl Anka, Canada

Dear Lincoln, It is always like reaching out to a dear, true friend in writing to you. Your deep insight from the Higher Self Consciousness is like a beam of Sunlight that warms the depths of my being. Yes! That is the truth! Yet, so often we get lost in the forest of bombarding, every-ready, distracting 'voices' of those individuals who would seek to divert our attention away from this truth. It is then that we must quiet ourselves and seek out our own inner Witness/Observer to the Truth. This SOURCE OF OUR OWN BEING will never lie to us, ever! Hence, God will speak to us in innumerable ways. A pure heart will always see Him. A humble soul will feel Him. A devoted one will truly know Him. Thank you says so very little in appreciation for this light. May all the best come your way always. Love and Blessings to you too!
Timothy B.

Good morning Lincoln, I am listening to your videos, guidance is always provided when I need it. I am crying full of gratitude and love. Thank you
Primrose, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thank you! I understand and am grateful and happy for your reply. I shall continue to listen and trust and love myself. Words can not express how I feel about who you are and what you are channeling....I appreciate the energy you have put into being able to hold the vibration to do what you do to assist us. Sending beauty and goodness your way!
Lisa, Florida

thank you very much once again for supporting me into previously unknown territories of existence in the human experience, if it wasn't for your efforts to pioneer in this field of self awareness i would be lost struggling with intellectual pursuits of trying to understand God as opposed to tangibly feel the experience, so thank you: )
Haran L., London, England

Yes! Yes! Yes! You're speaking my language.....I can't express in words how much I appreciate these clear consise messages.
ahealingplace, United States

thank you so much for responding! I don't even know how to express how much this 5 part video about the parts of the mind helped me. I am shaking my head trying to figure out a way to explain, but just understand that you helped me out in an unmeasurable and incredible way I did not expect. I have heard 1,000 channeled messages but all of them did not really resonate with my path, yours did in a very powerful and profound way. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! NAMASTE!
TheLozano066, Canada

I am truly grateful for the the life changing insight you have given me today, it goes beyond words, i felt like i had been reset and the answers you gave with regards to my questions resonated like it was a knowing from within. thank you so much for the Cds as well.
Haran, London, England

Sharing your gift as a higher self channel has been, by far, the most transformative experience I have ever had. Hearing what my higher self had to say, brought joyful tears to my eyes, and my heart is absolutely bursting over the message. It was everything I have searched to know and assisted me to connecting to that deepest part of my heart that was yearning to be expressed. This session was bigger and farther-reaching than I ever expected it to be! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing your wonderous gifts with me and the world. May you be blessed at every moment.
Pamela, USA

I can not thank you enough for your service and dedicatons. I feel like I have found my teacher for a life time. You will always be my teacher and my friend at heart. There's not a day that I don't listen to your voice in the morning and the night time...as long as I have my feet on this earth, you will always be my greatest teacher and sweet heart...at my heart...:-) Love&Light
Keiko Angel, Georgia, USA

Thanks to you life has new meaning to me. I don't see life as the same anymore! It's amazing how much I have learned with you. I am seeing things that I didn't use to see. I am meeting new people, I am having new interests and I am managing to let go the old some how. i just have reason to celebrate life! Thank you Lincoln! You are amazing! Namaste my friend!
Henriette Zouein Cavaletti, São Paulo, Brazil

Thank you for helping me reach liberation and realization of who I am as an infinite source of light. Thank you for believing in me, investing your time and energy in me and trusting me. You have been the most powerful influence on my life, and an example of how I want to shape my life and my service to the world.
Shekib, Netherlands

Hi Lincoln! I was very lucky to find your channel on youtube and just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! Your teachings have brought me great strength to continue along my spiritual path. What you are doing is incredible! God bless you.
Avanelle Mitchell, New York City, NY USA

You know what the best thing about this is, Lincoln? The energy that you, yourself are emanating here solves everything anyway... Quite apart from the very useful and insightful words, that beautiful Love, the pure, innocent compassion and spiritual happiness which transmits from you in this video set is itself, literally, a darshan. That spirit, by itself, being awakened in another merely because they can spiritually see it in you, solves everything automatically, because it contains everything. With that radiantly beautiful, simple Love, no one can ever fail. I see, without a shadow of a doubt, that you have, in your mere presence, what is actually the very greatest kind of spiritual power. Those who have eyes to see (with their heart) will spiritually progress light years merely by looking at you. Thank you for being yourself, as-you-are, for making the reality of God so very obvious. I see you, I know that perfect, non-separate light, and I Love you

Lincoln, You are so incredible. Thank You for showing us The Way of Divine Love. Blesss YOU
TL, California, USA

As this life seems to be a spiritual journey of seeking and inquiry, finally Lincoln appeared and it's such a joy and bliss what he is, just to listen to what is coming through him and this radiates in an instant and without any tention directly into my heart! It's is touching my truth so powerful and so easy, so to me it is like drinking pure and clear water, the essence of life. And then of course to feel, that I'm the water itself... is so beautyful. What I enjoy so much is the absence of the guru, master, teacher... this is so rare. And so helpful, if you've found out there's no such thing as a guru or master, it's all you. If you enjoy to be in love with your true self, I feel Lincoln is one of the less you can trust. BOW to your heart Lincoln 🙂
Steffi, Germany

hey there lincoln, i was listening to you and tamids show today and i almost cryed a few times from hearing your words. Everytime you spoke you touched my hearts inner knowing through a few experiences that have happened over a period of time and have blossomed into more then i saw coming. I never thought i would ever meet someone in form that had the realization to finally answer the questions that have been burning within me since these experiences, im truely blessed to have tuned in and hear you speak today, it almost felt as if you heard me asking you things because you literally touched on every single thing...even when you went into the experience of the man who wrote the lamp of non dual knowledge...i cant explain to you my appreciation for you bro.
Jayden, San Francisco, California

Oh my, your words Lincoln ring with Truth. If only otherselves can see that funneling the natural rhythm of Life through limited mental distortions of polarity. e.g. good/bad, love/hate, prosperity/poverty, etc. causes the perceived suffering. All one has to do is to LET GO of searching for something in the future or looking back to 'what could have been' in the past, and just realize NOW that All is One in Love and Light. I leave you all in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator!
GR, United States

Hey Lincoln. Finally I'm free of pain from my broken neck. I am healed. No pain or spasms. I have been in constant pain for over a year and a half. I did not believe in God until I ran across your channel and started buying your mp3's and looking at your youtube videos But now I can honesty say I am a 100% believer again. I'm am so greatful to be healed and pain free again. I have to thank you man. I love you. Listening to you gave me strength when I was in so such pain I almost couldn't take it, you words guided me though those days. I feel lighter than air at times since my healing. I am like a sponge for these lessons now. I can't get enough.
Zack M., Dallas, Texas

Wow, im not even half way through the 99 videos. i just re-started my spriritual quest about 3 months ago. After many years, i got an urge to resume my quest just around november '09. I started researching, i found interesting things. But After Listening to Higher Self Through Lincoln I felt i had arrived HOME. I feel so liberated (from guilt, regret,.) becoming able to restrain judging, anxiety, control. feeling much fuller, loving, great and that i have so much to give now. I feel joy.

I found the session of great benefit. 'Surrender to God' is the core message for me. This is what I want more than anything, thank you for guiding me close to the Self, Lincoln. I feel like you are a guide I can trust and I feel supported by both your personal experience and the Higher Self knowledge that comes through.
Charlie C, Barcelona, Spain

Thank-you so much Lincoln. It was a wonderful session and totally refreshed and bought lovely clarity to me. It means a lot to me. Many blessings.
Nick O, USA

the universe itself can't know how thankful I am to the universe to have me find you, your teachings, the TRUTH. Bless and bliss to you all.
Renaissander Deep, facebook

Basically, whole my life I have never loved myself. I was always punishing and putting down myself. I ordered "Awaken your spiritual heart CD" First time i was listening to meditations, I was thrown into a ball of compassion and love. I finished with meditations, but my attention stayed in the heart. After 3 hours, I started crying. I felt so so much love and compassion for my self that i never felt before in my life! I was in front of mirror and I looked my self with pure love and compassion. Then the sea was running through my eyes. I looked at my hands, fingers, legs and for the first time I honored my body. When I had that much compassion and love for my self I started to look on other people. Not speaking to them, just looking. I also had that much love for them as for my self. I understand that we are all the same! I'am now so grateful to have this human experience! =) I really cant thank you enough Lincoln !
Dusan, Kraljevo, Serbia

Wonderful channel and channelings you provide, Lincoln. What you share is hard to describe in words so I will only say that I'm another one that appreciate what you do. Ive had and still have experiences like some you describe and I agree with the lot of what you say, still I'm clouded on what to do next, I'm stuck and there is something I need to learn. Thank you again for finding me. Much love // N
Nix, Isle of Man

I want to tell you that I don't have any more questions. I deeply feel that this is more than enough and I will make my reality simple and direct. Meditation, trust, breath, honesty and Love for God. When we started the channeling I felt instant change in vibration in my outer parts. Then I started to feel a pushing of energy in the deep parts of myself, and I could strongly feel the blocks that prevent the energy to flow. After the blocks got lessen and the energy could flow morefully, the energy moved into my emotions, and I really felt like a lot of digging and erasing has been done. I was experiencing great clarity through out the whole process. Then the activity started to lessen and I felt peace in my emotions. After a while, I felt subtle and peaceful love started to fill them up. And my general experience was like someone got me out of a hole. Now I feel so much lighter, and you really helped me to move the blocks and to deepen my awareness. I feel like I was just "making up" a lot of my experience. And I feel like everyone and everything is my friend. It is truly beyond words how much you helped me. I will work hard to find and deepen this in myself.
Nikola C, Belgrade, Serbia

Your message is pure bliss...................I feel like I just learned years of lessons in this one message. Thank you.
islandstarblanket, USA

You might have the most important channel on YouTube.
Mark, Baltimore, Maryland USA

I want to specially thank you for helping me realize my self and God through the spiritual heart. It is the one truth that i can always trust in. Other forms of truth are also very beneficial but not as powerful as the spiritual heart. When there usefulness starts to fade away and suffering comes back, one can immediately return to the spiritual heart and it heals unconditionally no matter how badly your ego behaved. Not only that but this spiritual heart also provide a strong foundation to work on other versions of the truth and to understand them in a deep way while remaining unattached and impartial. So, thank you again and i believe that i must meet and understand every person that is engaging humanity in the process of awakening by transforming his/her own self. This is the most unconditional and selfless thing one can do in this lifetime. And i just want to wish that perhaps we meet someday.
MadeToBeApart, YouTube

Basically, whole my life I have never loved myself. I was always punishing and putting down myself. I ordered "Awaken your spiritual heart CD" First time i was listening to meditations, I was thrown into a ball of compassion and love. I finished with meditations, but my attention stayed in the heart. After 3 hours, I started crying. I felt so so much love and compassion for my self that i never felt before in my life! I was in front of mirror and I looked my self with pure love and compassion. Then the sea was running through my eyes. I looked at my hands, fingers, legs and for the first time I honored my body. When I had that much compassion and love for my self I started to look on other people. Not speaking to them, just looking. I also had that much love for them as for my self. I understand that we are all the same! I'am now so grateful to have this human experience! =) I really cant thank you enough Lincoln !
Dusan, Kraljevo, Serbia

I had pain in my kidney for ten days. I practised this as a meditation and now the pain has gone. Thanks this really works!
porcelainwhite, UK

hey lincoln 🙂 your videos "surrendering yourself to know the self" brought my thinking mind to fall into my heart - the last two days i found myself in a completely different space of being - heart based not thinking based. am so glad for having found this video! 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH BRO!!! lots of love from austria, namaste andreas
andreas, austria

Lincoln I thank you for sharing all this precious information with all of us. I finally feel i'm on track in this life, everything feels right. I'm learning so much, filtering the knowledge that I had gathered throughout my life so far, now things are making sense. I can't explain, my energy conveys it better than I could ever express it. So it's out there.

My friend introduced me to your work a few months back and that day I realized something really special. You see I've been looking for answers all my life and as I was listening to your video a message came through that I've never understood before. What I was searching for is love. It is a feeling of home and It kind of made me wonder how could I have missed this, when it was so close all the time. It is so simple and beautiful just like the way you communicate your message. I have the feeling that, that day the search was over and the road began. To me you are an angel who shines light and love unconditionally on this planet when she needs it the most. Thank you so much for all that you do and if the winds ever bring your way to Europe contact me and I will do my best to help your journey and provide food and shelter and hopefully get a good friend! All the best my friend!
Marcell, Europe

Hi. Thanks so much Lincoln. I was totally bummed out because a friend of mine passed away and it was so unexpected. After watching a bunch of your videos on YT. I made a couple comments and I got some replies from you and just those couple of sentences really helped me. Later on I dreamt of my friend. Then I stopped crying all the time. I know that my friend is alright. I miss him but what can you do? he is just on another frequency. I BELIEVE he is alright.
Karla, West Los Angeles

My heart is so grateful for your videos I had to express my gratitude to you. I am realizing my God Self and I am so happy!!!!! Thank you Lincoln for your pure and lovely and clear channel of Divine Love. I love you so much!
Pat C.

Through practicing and following the Higher Self teachings that Lincoln provides as his gift to humanity, I have learned some very powerful, yet difficult lessons for me to learn. And still, I do not regret a single thing.
Wynona, Canada

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